С запозданием на 2 недели, но пока ещё не поймали.

Леприкон 16-03-2004 23:35

HAYWARD, California (AP) -- The California Highway Patrol is investigating a series of possible sniper shootings on a freeway east of San Francisco over the past week, a spokesman said Saturday.

No serious injuries have been reported but bullet holes were found in some vehicles.

The rear window of one motorist's vehicle exploded Friday afternoon as she was driving westbound on Interstate 580 in Castro Valley.

The driver, Barbara Price, 47, of Alameda, pulled off the freeway and called for help. She suffered minor cuts and scratches from flying glass, police said.

Five similar incidents occurred within a 90-minute period Monday evening on the section of the freeway that connects San Leandro and Dublin, CHP spokesman Wayne Ziese said Saturday.

Bullet holes were found in the passenger sides of several vehicles.

Authorities planned to inspect all the vehicles and interview the drivers during the weekend, Ziese said.


Mosinman 16-03-2004 23:38

Сейчас вспомнил - около Бостона такой стрелец оперировал года 3 назад. Правда он вроде с крупнокалиберной пневматикой был. Не поймали.
А вот Огайского вроде установили, ищут. Может это он у вас там сейчас?

Whale 17-03-2004 19:28

Огайского взяли в ЛасВегасе сегодня.

ChapD 17-03-2004 19:34

Originally posted by Леприкон:
...Bullet holes were found in the passenger sides of several vehicles. ...


Пристреливается видать, гадёныш... :(