Raytheon gets Stinger FMS deal

Said_PVO 22-02-2001 07:27

20 February 2001

Raytheon has been awarded an $89 million contract by the US Army for 1,007 Stinger Block 1 missiles and equipment for foreign military sales to Italy, Greece and the United Kingdom.

The missiles will be divided among the US NATO allies with a completion date of 2004. Raytheon's Missile Systems business unit produces the Stinger Block 1 missiles for US forces as well as numerous NATO allies and international customers.

The Stinger missile is an advanced short-range, fire- and-forget air defence weapon system and the only short-range air defence missile system in the United States defence inventory. Stinger Block 1 is a multi-role missile used in both air defence and helicopter air-to-air missions. The Block 1 is the newest version of the Stinger missile with hardware and software modifications to insure high probability of kill against advanced air threats, such as cruise missiles, modern attack helicopters and unmanned aerial vehicles.

Stinger is operational in the US armed services and in those of 18 allied nations. It is deployed on a wide variety of platforms including the US Army's Avenger, Linebacker and Bradley vehicles; the Kiowa Warrior and Blackhawk helicopters; Navy special operating ships; and the Marine Corps' Avenger and Light Armoured Vehicle

"Foreign military sales are key to maintaining an industrial base, supporting local economies, reducing the cost of US Army systems, and providing a coalition warfighting capability with our allies,'' said Col. Robert F. Arnone, project manager of the US Army's Short Range Air Defence Project Office.

Raytheon has delivered more than 41,000 Stinger-RMP missiles, and more than $4 billion has been invested in Stinger weapon systems and platforms.

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