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Sorry that I write in english, i come from slavic country but I cannot speak/type Russian, even tho I can read it a bit. If this is not permitted in this forum, please delete this post. Thank you

So I am planning to buy PSO-1 scope and it has very different reticule from any other pso-1/posp scope I ever seen, could you please help me to identify what kind of reticule is that and how is it used(i.e. what weapons this is used on)? It is not Simonov design, and it doesnt have vertical line that is used on SVD variants of PSO.
here is link to the image:

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On your photo, a sighting reticle PSO-1S-1 without a fluorescent screen with an LED of the first generations and, accordingly, a 3V voltage converter.

Used in the same way as a normal reticle with a vertical bar, and on the same weapon - SVD.

See Wiki on russianПСО-1 or, simplified, in english


То есть 9х39 - ни при чем? Кхм...
Сетка на фото не такая, как в wikipedia. На фото "галка" всего одна. И в wikipedia художник вместо "1.7" написал "1.0" - это на случай войны с гномами? 😊


Упс. Мой пост был удален из-за ссылок на две темы, где прицелы с такой маркой были проданы в 2011 и 2014 годах. Неужели это было похоже на рекламу? Еще и "предупреждение" 😞 Ммм, ладно, обойдемся без ссылок.

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I'm not an expert on Russian optics, but this reticle looks like the one on the ПСО-1М2-01 or ПСО-1С-1. It was designed for a 9x39 subsonic cartridge to use with the VSS rifle. It probably can be considered more "rare" than a usual 7.62x54 PSO-1.

Для русских товарищей переведу, может кто-то подтвердит. Он спрашивает, что это за ПСО с такой сеткой. Я предположил, что это вариант под 9х39, для ВСС/АС.


Thank you very much both Gratius and Mihail.
Mihail, could you please send me link to those sales you mentioned into personal message?
The scope I am thinking of buying is made in Belomo/Zenit Belorussia, is it possible that Russian army is using PSO-1 scopes on VSS/ASVAL made by Zenit and not NPZ? Also what do you think is real value of such a scope in mint(new) condition?

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PM sent.
But it would still be nice if someone confirmed my assumption.


Thank you very much, I replied to your PM 😊



I think this is a grid for hunting civil optics, based on PSO1-M2
Was produced at the "Zenith" plant in Vileisk (not at the "Zenith" plant on Krasnogorsk). The linear parabola is designed for a 1 meter target.

And the ballistic parameters coincide with the PSO.
Real photo:

The grid for VSS on PSO1-M2-1 looks like this:


То есть, это разные сетки?