Кастомный набор от Microtech-Anax-Siphon-Credit card-Challenge coin TKI 2015

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Набор новый--полный комплект:

ANAX-Siphon-Credit Card-Challenge Coin TKI 2015---1500$

This set from TKI 2015 is incredible. Comes with a bronze stonewashed ANAX with an integral black aluminum frame with lanyard hole. Nice detent, lockup and blade seating. Dagger logo on the blade along with s/n (may differ from picture). B-side of blade has TKI logo. All hardware has been bronzed. Also comes with box, COA, bronzed titanium dagger logo patch, a black aluminum and flamed titanium Siphon pen, black Challenge Coin and black stonewashed titanium credit card knife with carbide edge. All items in set share a matching serial number (may differ from picture). New from maker at TKI 2015.

SKU: 156253

Product Specs
Blade Length 3.625"
Overall Length 8.625"
Classification Custom Knife
Source From Maker
Weight 4.5 oz
Additional Specs
Closed 5
Thumb Studs Thumb Groove
Clip Tip Up Carry
Butt Cap Lanyard Hole
Sheath Microtech Wallet
Case Original Box and COA
Knife Type Folding Knife , Frame Lock , Tip Up Clip , Interframe / Integral
Blade Material Elmax
Blade Details Drop Point , Spear Point
Handle Materials Aluminum
Other Details Prototype , Tactical