Has the Time Come for Another Rifle Clothing Rules Change?


Похоже, специальные стрелковые штаны уже окончательно решено запретить.

The ISSF wants all of its events to be competitions where results are improved through training and sporting effort and not by using equipment that is a substitute for training and sporting effort. After extensive discussions and the consideration of comments from all concerned parties, the ISSF Rifle and Technical Committees have drafted new clothing rules to go into effect in 2005. Details of the new rules will be finalized in the coming months, but the most important points of the new ISSF rifle clothing rules are:
1. Trousers. No special shooting trousers will be permitted. Trousers material must be soft cloth; no canvas material will be permitted. The same trousers must be worn in all three positions. A 40 mm wide belt will be permitted. Shooters will be permitted to use a separate 'heel pad' (10 mm thickness compressed) that may be placed between the buttocks and heel in kneeling, but no special padding may be added to the trousers.
2. Shooting jackets. Present 2.5 mm thick shooting jackets will continue to be permitted, but side pockets and right shoulder closure devices must be removed.
3. Shooting shoes. Present shooting shoes will continue to be permitted.

Полностью со статьёй можно ознакомиться по адресу http://www.issfnews.com/default.asp?file=articles&id=338

Сергей Калугин

Что же делать? Я только штаны себе начал искать. Покупать или подождать?


Ну от тебя такого вопроса я не ожидал. Спроси у Коваленко.
Я например у Крайнова спрашивал так он мне предельно просто объяснил, непростую ситуацию со штанами.
Скорей всего их снимут вместе с ботинками. Но будет переходный период. Какие меры будут применятся в этот период никто ещё не знает.
Мой совет, оставь затею со штанами до выяснения обстоятельств.
Ну я выясню этот момент 3 числа в ЦСКА. К сожалению буду в качестве зрителя. В связи с рождением дочки немогу тренероватся.


Наши поздравления DBoroninу!
А поповоду ботинок - на ботинки уже никто не замахивается. Только на штаны, и дискуссия не закончилась.
В январе в Финляндии проходил курс тренеров ИССФ, на котором был подготовлен очередной документ с доводами, почему этого нельзя делать. Предложен переходный период для штанов - года до 2007. Так что ещё посмотрим!
А то слишком многие бросят только потому, что влом будет ещё раз переодеваться - денег то это стоит немалых!


Nu vot, takoe dolzhno bilo sluchitsja 😞 Skoljko mozhno takije zapredeljnije rezuljtati nasrelivatj. Hotja, po mojemu, u liderov rezuljtati ne na mnogo upadut, a vot u ostaljnih.......... 😲


Dear Colleague,

This interesting article appeared February 4th, 2004, on the ISSF web-page.

The address is: issfnews.com

The place is the discussion forum which is found at: COMMUNITY/forum/general.

The G. Anderson letter seems to be taken away from the issf news FrontPage. Too much negative critic??

There is still brave people in this world!

Spread this as much as you can as soon as possible. Thank you. Kurt Thune

the truth? DANIEL (last reply: 04.02.2004 15:32) Mr. Anderson you are unfair!
Last week there was a meeting for shooters and coaches during the international air-gun competition in Munich. Some of the shooters there had
been shooting together with you when you lived and practised on their shooting range in Munich in the end of the 1960's.

These shooters told us what kind of jacket and trousers you used during your own active carrier. Over underwear tight jeans plus military style
trousers with a very thick and stiff rubber on the back which did go down on the both legs. The jacket a USA Service Rifle style jacket. This kind
of jacket is 3-5 times thicker than a ISSF jacket and the several layers of lining is cross-stitched together. The equipment you used was much
stiffer and better than what the Russian and most of the European shooters could get in those days.

You write that the shooters of those days have no back problems. You must know that this is completely wrong. I, and most of my friends who
shot seriously before we Europeans had real trousers, we all have more or less back problems caused by shooting rifle in standing position!

Now you deny today's shooters to use trousers which protect the back. This is deeply unfair and incorrect against today's youngsters. Guess
what all of us now are thinking: How many medals would you really have won with such lousy jacket and trousers as the Russian's had to use?

According to the ISSF Constitution, which can be seen in the ISSF web-page, changes in the rules are made by ISSF General Assembly (ISSF
Parliament) proposed by ISSF Rifle Committee, rules 1.6.0, 1.8.0 and 1.15.0. If a decision already have made it is against ISSF Constitution,
undemocratic and against the wish of most of the active members. It is the decision of a dictator. Is that the way you want to go to the
history Mr. Anderson?

Daniel Burger, Swiss International Shooter


Позавчерась говорил с Коваленко так сошлись на мнении что тут подождать надо с экипировкой. После олимпиады, а может и в апреле что то окончательно решат.