Польша. 6-10 августа 2014 года. Первый международный лагерь "С.П.А.С."


Первый международный лагерь "С.П.А.С." для учеников и инструкторов с 6 по 10 августа 2014 года в Польше!

First International "Students" and "Instructors" S.P.A.S. Camp 6-10 August 2014 in Teresin in Poland.

Dear friends and martial arts enthusiasts,
International S.P.A.S. Federation would like to invite you take part in the First International S.P.A.S. Training Camp. We offer you a unique opportunity to increase your self-defense ability. During this camp you will learn basic tactical and technical arsenal of S.P.A.S. combat and learn how to use it in real self-defense situations. All of this will possible thanks to experienced instructors of International S.P.A.S. Federation, detailed methodological basis and effective training process.

International S.P.A.S. Federation and Polish S.P.A.S Federation

Technical Program:
- First level training: technical arsenal and street fight tactics;
- Basic knife to knife fighting and knife-attack defense;
- Self-defense practical trainings with technical and tactical arsenal usage;

Daily Program:
Day 1 - the tactics and strategy of unarmed S.P.A.S. combat 'S.P.A.S.'
Day 2 - fight with a weapon, a knife fight
Day 3 - aggressive S.P.A.S. technique
Day 4 - resume
Day 5 - certification, awards

Main camp instructor:
ISF President - Konstantin Voyushin

Contact: e-mail: spas.federation@gmail.com, tel. (+48)509720858


5 дней тренировок в режиме спортивно-прикладных отработок!