афганский опыт


Stars & Stripes reported (4 Aug 02) that official US army 'after-action' reports from Afghanistan indicated troops were more than happy with the 7.62mm M240B GPMG (a MAG-58 variant) but were 'particularly concerned about the maintainability and reliability of the M4 carbine and the squad automatic weapon {nb: 5.56mm FN Minimi}'. While the Minimi was frequently praised for its capabilities, its size and weight were criticised, as well as its vulnerability to sand and grit.

In general, keeping weapons clean appeared to be the major problem, exacerbated by there being insufficient cleaning materials in standard army kits, such that many troops bought their own or had cleaning kit sent from home. More than a third added hairbrushes and a quarter added toothpicks to the M4 carbine cleaning kit, for example.

Almost half the M240B gunners interviewed complained of poor parts resupply in Afghanistan, including barrels, springs, roll pins of various types and heat shields. They also criticised the belt bags and slings.

Only three-quarters of all users questioned considered the M4 to be reliable, and half reported malfunctions, including double feeds (when wet) and failures to chamber. Some noted that the handguards rattle and get overheated during firing.

Three of seven troops who actually fired the Minimi at enemy targets reported jams, which were attributed to dirt, corrosion or ammunition. Only half the 28 gunners surveyed considered the SAW to be reliable.

However, most troops were very enthusiastic about the 40mm M203 grenade launcher, but some wanted improvements such as 40mm buckshot ammunition (which was deployed in Vietnam), a redesigned safety, non-slip grips and a muzzle cap.


Всегда говорил америкосы и война нонсенс. Не надо забывать как им насовали маленькие желтенькие солдатики во Вьетнаме. Бежали в припрыжку. все Голливуд. Спасибо Роман за хорошее напоминание об этом!


Этот несчастный "миними" делал столько проблем, что в IMI разработали для его замены в Израиле малый пулемет "Негев" того же калибра 5.56, но патроны мощнее. У них на удлиненной пуле зеленый маркер и ими нельзя стрелять из стволов 1х7", только 1х12". Хотя и "Негев" большой удачей тоже назвать нельзя. Вообще копирование редко бывает удачным.
А если в общем, то в американском и европейском (в большинстве) оружии есть ИМХО неверная тенденция - эргономика за счет надежности и живучести. Не буду говорить о том, чего не держал в руках, но сравнение виденного перевешивает не в пользу запада.