Сравним Вепри с IMI SR99 ?


Israel Military Industries 99SR

More then a decade after the introduction of the Galil Sniper Rifle (GALAT'Z), the Israeli Military Industries (IMI) has unveiled a new semi automatic sniper rifle - the 99 Sniper Rifle (99SR).

The rifle design is centered on the unique operational requirements of snipers in a multiple targets combat environment, hence rapid entry into a Final Firing Position (FFP) and the ability to deliver sequential firing, while maintaining stealth for extended periods of time during covert operations.

The 99SR provides a high precision rapid firepower required in modern combat. The stock acts as the primary interface between the sniper and the rifle, including an adjustable folding stock made of lightweight carbon fiber. The 99SR has an adjustable soft cheek piece, a butt plate, a rear support leg (like the ones found in the AI AW50 and in the Barrett M82A2), and a hand stop rest to enable individual adjustment for maximum comfort (like the ones found in the HK PSG1 and in the HK SR9T).

Left side of the 99SR.

The 99SR can accommodate various optical devices including both day optics and Night Vision Devices (NVD). The use of a quick detachment scope mount ensures zero retention even after repeated dismounting. The basic day optic configuration of 99SR composed of the El-Op Nimrod 6X40, same scope that is mounted on the GALAT'Z and was used at the time with the Israeli modified sniper version of the M14. Also offered with the SR99 is the Leopold M4 day optic.

The 99SR is chambered in 7.62x51 NATO caliber. The carbon fiber stock is responsible for 99SR biggest advantage over the GALAT'Z - the weight reduction. Empty the SR99 weighs 5.1 kg compares to the 6.4 kg of the GALAT'Z. Fully loaded with a 25 round magazine, a Nimrod day optic and a scope mount, it weights 6.9 kg compares to the 8.2 kg of the GALAT'Z.

The rifle is equipped with a heavy weight 508 mm barrel, offering good precision at long ranges, and has a overall length of 1112 mm (845 mm with a folded stock), both last figures similar to the GALAT'Z. An integral muzzle break acts as a jump compensator, improving rapid-fire precision during follow-up shots. The loading and cocking mechanism can also be operated manually, a feature which is especially useful on stealth operations.

Israeli operator with a communication headset armed with the SR99.

All in all, the SR99 is a more modern version of the GALAT'Z rather then a new Sniper Weapon System (SWS) built from scratch. The main GALAT'Z features are vividly present in the 99SR, including the GALAT'Z 508 mm barrel (4 grooves, 1 in 12 twist rifling), folding stock, 25 round magazine, bipod, and the same firing and safety mechanism. The major differences are the new polymer stock and weight loss it contribute, pistol grip, and generally a much improved agronomic.

While the length is the same as the GALAT'Z, the 9SR folding stock is still an important advantage over many SWS which lack it, especially during undercover missions when convenient concealing is essential. However, like most semi auto sniper rifles, the 99SR's design and primarily the high capacity magazine forces the sniper to fire from rather elevated prone shooting position, thus increasing his exposure chances. But the main SR99 problem is accuracy. The SR99 accuracy is 1.5 MOA with M852 Sierra ammunition, same as the GALAT'Z. On the other hand, the Knight Armament SR25 - the 99SR direct competitor - is well cable of 0.75 MOA groups with the same ammunition.

The official IMI 99SR brochure.

All in all, the 99SR is a highly modified second-generation accurized version of an existing assault rifle. While it might not be a surgical bolt action SWS, the 99SR could be a good option for both military usage as a Designated Marksmen and spotters weapon, and for civilian sharpshooters engaging in high target density urban Area of Operation (AO).

The "father" of the 99SR and the first generation sniping variant of the Galil 7.62 Assault Rifle (AR) - the Galil Sniper Rifle. Note the many joined features in both models - Nimrod 6X40 day optic, 508 mm heavy barrel, bipod, 25 round Galil 7.62 magazine and same safety mechanism.


Нет данных по кучности.
А по ТТХ мой вывод:
1.Вес-5.1 кг. без оптики,кронштейна и магазина (+ 900 гр. прицел-кронштейн;+900 гр. загруженный магазин= итого 6.9 кг.!!!)- на мой взгляд тяжеловат для ходовой охоты ! 😊 ;
2.Длина ствола 508 мм. - не знаю кому-как,а мне ствол кажется коротковатым , полагаю что на точность стрельбы это влияет не лучшим образом (повторюсь-нужны данные отстрела...)
ИТОГ: красивая машина,но не для охоты и не для целевой стрельбы. А ЗАЧЕМ ОНА ТОГДА НУЖНА ??!!! 😳
ЗЫ. Поскольку "папа"-Галил,то может не с Вепрем сравнивать а с Сайгой ?


написано же:
The SR99 accuracy is 1.5 MOA with M852 Sierra ammunition, same as the GALAT'Z. On the other hand, the Knight Armament SR25 - the 99SR direct competitor - is well cable of 0.75 MOA groups with the same ammunition.


Пардон,не силен в Иврите ! 😊
А мой Веприк 308 НЗНВА ВАЛОВЫМ (!) дает группу 1 МОА-в тире (сразу оговорюсь). 😊


вот и я про то же. Может договоритесь с кем-нибудь из присутствующих с исторической родины и проведете сравнительный отстрел чем-нибудь одинаковым в примерно одинаковых условиях ?


Извините, уважаемые!
Есть определенные мелочи, о которых стоит помнить. Это оружие не для охоты. В израильской пехоте есть солдаты, называемые "точные стрелки", т.е. не проходившие курса снайперы. Сейчас у них на вооружении в основном М16А3 или (уже) А4 flat top с "Триджиконом" или чем-то похожим. Посмотрите на фото - это армейский стрелок на операции. Кроме того, подозреваю, что сей ствол попадет в поселения на территориях, а там есть (кроме людей) кабаны и шакалы, тоже не из приятных соседей.
Вывод - оружие предназначено для полевого использования на малых и средних дистанциях.


И действительно. Сравнение не совсем корректное. Вепрь прежде всего охотничье оружие, 99SR - боевое.