GUNPAL - давно пора!


We have some exciting news!

For years, we've all struggled to find a simple, secure and efficient on-line means to pay/accept payments for auctions. We've wanted an alternative method similar to PayPal/eBay model (a couple of notoriously anti-gun organizations that refuses to allow auctions or payments for firearms and ammo in their restricted items list).

Finally, we've found a staunch Second Amendment supporter and Affiliate partner that will bring not only an easy way to make and accept payments for your on-line purchases/sales, but will allow you to donate a portion of the fees they charge (as an option) to the NRA at NO ADDED COST TO YOU!

GunPal is our new Affiliate and we've entered into an Affiliate Agreement with them to provide you with an easy payment which is:

. Cheaper than PayPal
. Supportive of the Second Amendment
. AND Provides Auction Arms users with unprecedented full buyer protection under the Affiliated Auction Site protections. Auction Arms is currently the only Affiliated Site to offer this protection!

Take it from us, this is a better deal for gun owners, buyers, and sellers than PayPal could ever be.

As a bonus, GunPal can be used to pay for any online transaction, or any transaction for that matter, where the recipient has an email address!

To sign up for a Auction Arms affiliate GunPal account, simply click on the logo below:

Ринго Сталин1

На фиг все эти Палы... Кэш и Мани ордер, вот лучшие способы .

Azamator of F***ed

Мля, про ебай вообще молчите! Эта система с ПайПалом отказали мне в покупке кобуры!


отказали мне в покупке кобуры
есди кобура для того, что на аватарке, то понятно - размер посылки огранчен 😊