Опять шутинг-массакр. Да что такое!


Monday afternoon at approximately 3 pm, a shooting occurred at a convenience store on the Fort Bliss Army base in Texas; two women were shot and a 60-year old civilian was killed; the gunman was also killed. Army officials have yet to state why the shooting took place.

Guards on the military base responded to the incident within three minutes, and asked the gunman to put down his weapon after he shot two women in the convenience store. The gunman refused and attempted to get into a car when he was shot and killed.

Fort Bliss was never placed under lockdown during the incident or afterwards. The FBI is currently investigating the incident.

The two women were wounded. The gunman has yet to be identified.

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Source: MSNBC



А нельзя ли все ЭТО сразу на китайский перевести? 😛
А то, могут возникнуть социально опасные непонятки... 😞


http://www.mixnews.lv/ru/incidents/news/2010-09-21/48986 перевод


Ниче страшного по количеству убийств на человека США до России далеко. Мы тут и ножами прекрасно управляемся 😊


Кто то наверно в процессе развода. В Америке разводиться дело тяжолое.