Lockheed Martin radar for sea-based midcourse missile defence segment


Lockheed Martin radar for sea-based midcourse missile defence segment

21 February 2002

The us Naval Sea Systems Command has awarded Lockheed Martin Naval Electronic & Surveillance Systems (NE&SS) a $420 million contract modification to develop a prototype tactical radar, called SPY-1E, as a critical component of the nation's sea-based midcourse missile defence segment.

SPY-1E is a solid-state S-band radar that provides greatly improved detection at much greater ranges, a key requirement to counter ballistic missile defence threats. Additionally, SPY-1E will improve the US Navy's ship self-defence and anti-air warfare capabilities.

"Everyone involved in the development of SPY-1E is looking forward to bringing new capabilities to the fleet," commented Fred Moosally, president of Lockheed Martin NE&SS-Surface Systems. "SPY-1E significantly enhances the capabilities of our Aegis Weapon System with the technology needed to defend against next-generation threats."

Lockheed Martin has been working on these new capabilities since 1999, and the first prototype is slated to be ready in 2006.

The SPY-1 is the heart of the Aegis Weapon System, which is deployed on 61 US Aegis-class ships. The current SPY-1 radar can search, track and guide missiles simultaneously and has the capability of tracking hundreds of targets concurrently, from the wave tops to the exoatmosphere. SPY-1E will provide a step increase in the capability of the Aegis Weapon System.

SPY-1 is now available world-wide in various configurations.