Тайвань провел успешные публичные испытания новой ракеты ПВО


Тайвань провел успешные публичные испытания новой ракеты ПВО
Тайвань провел успешные испытания ракеты "земля-воздух" собственного производства Sky Bow II, сообщает Associated Press.
Ракета поразила цель, находившуюся в 112 километрах от места старта. Помимо Sky Bow II в стрельбах принимали участие американские ракеты типа "земля-воздух" Hawk, которые также успешно поразили свои цели.

Директор проекта Sky Bow II Чао Яоминь (Chao Yao-ming) заявил, что надеется на то, что дальнейшие исследования смогут привести к появлению аналога американской ракеты Patriot, стоящей сейчас на вооружении тайваньской армии. По словам Чао, Sky Bow II, радиус действия которой составляет около 190 километров, лучше, чем Patriot справляется с крупными целями типа истребителей и бомбардировщиков. Однако Patriot намного успешнее поражает ракеты.

Присутствовавший при запуске ракет президент Тайваня Чэнь Шуйбянь (Chen Shui-bian) заявил, что без надежной обороны его страна не сможет гарантировать продолжения развития островной политической системы и экономики.

Реакция Китая на проведенные учения пока неизвестна.



Taiwan Test-Fires New Missile
Fri May 10, 6:39 AM ET
By WILLIAM IDE, Associated Press Writer

CHIUPENG, Taiwan (AP) - With the president warning of a growing threat from China, Taiwan successfully test-fired a locally made missile that some Taiwanese experts hope will eventually replace the island's U.S.-made Patriot missiles.

With boom and a roar, the Sky Bow II surface-to-air missile shot straight into the sky before arcing to hit a target 70 miles off Taiwan's southeastern coast in the first firing open to the media.

Three short-range, surface-to-air Hawk missiles were also tested. The American-made missiles hit their targets, creating a big black cloud of smoke.

President Chen Shui-bian praised the successful tests, saying that without a reliable defense, Taiwan could not guarantee the continued development of the island's political system and economy.

Taiwan faces a growing threat from China, which considers the island to be part of Chinese territory and has warned it might use force to take it over. In recent years, China has been developing missiles and buying advanced jet fighters from cash-strapped Russia.

"Although the Taiwan Strait looks peaceful now, communist China has not publicly abandoned its policy to attack Taiwan," Chen said. "They've been investing the money they've earned from their growing economy to modernize their military and purchase large amounts of modern weapons."

China did not immediately comment on the missile tests.

The Sky Bow II was developed by the Chung Shan Institute of Science and Technology, a state-run center that designs and produces the island's weapons. Sky Bow I and II missiles are deployed at six bases around Taiwan.

The deputy director of the missile project at the institute, Chao Yao-ming, said he hoped that research in the Sky Bow program could lead to a Taiwanese version of the Patriots, deployed in northern Taiwan.

"We're doing our best to move in that direction," Chao said.

Taiwan purchased about 200 of the U.S. missiles after they were used in the 1991 Persian Gulf War (news - web sites). Patriots are expensive and China has protested Taiwan's requests for more of the weapons.

Chao said the Sky Bow II, with a range of 120 miles, was better than a Patriot at hitting fighter jets and bombers. But the Patriots are more effective at knocking down missiles.

Developing its own versions of the sophisticated Patriots could be difficult for Taiwan. Its weapons program has a tight budget and many talented engineers and scientists have been lured away by higher-paying jobs in the island's highly competitive computer industry.