SAAM-IT passes second test


SAAM-IT passes second test

11 June 2002

The Italian Navy experimental ship (STP) "Nave Carabiniere" has fired an ASTER 15 missile from the Toulon Naval Test Centre (CEM), in order to validate the launching sequence (engagement, launching and interception of the target).

The configuration of the system is the same used during first firing test in December last year. The Fire Control Subsystem used the EMPAR multifunction radar to detect the target and engaged it using an ASTER 15 missile fired from the SYLVER vertical launch module.

The ASTER 15 missile р self-guided in its terminal phase р intercepted the target at about 10 kilometres from its launch point. The C22 target carried out an evasive manoeuvre during the final moments of the intercept. The target, in this scenario, simulated a subsonic aircraft travelling at about 100 metres above sea level.

The test results indicate that all the firing objectives were successfully achieved.

The first SAAM/IT production system will be installed on the Italian Navy's aircraft carrier, 'Andrea Doria'. The same system will be fitted to the next generation of Italian frigates.