М14 от Tokyo Marui


Выйдет в июле. Вот.


Будем ждать. Надеюсь, внешне будет смотрецца лучше, чем FA MAS в исполнении Маруя:-)


А чем это плох ФАМАС в исполнении Маруи
А то у меня самого корейский, выглядит вполне ничего, только щель за цевьем присутствует 😊


Про фамас:

люди деляться на две категории: кто не любит фамас и кто с ним воюет 😊

Кстати, ревьюшки по ТМ-фамасу говорят, что он вовсе не такой уж плохой привод, хотя и самый дешевый. По х-кам не уступает любому другому буллпапу, и надежность на уровне!...


ИМХО, не стоит ждать Маруй - G&G выйдет раньше. Единственно, ТМ пугает "совершенно новым гирбоксом"... Если это будет планетарная передача, как на системовских ПТВ, тогда - да...


А что ФА МАС. Подержал его сегодня в руках. Грустно. ФА МАС первый, конечно. Особенно по сравнению с АУГ, например. Но на вкус и цвет...


Отвертки в комплекте?


Обещают выпустить к 12ому мая 😊


Tokyo Marui had the much-awaited M14 electric gun finally on
display at this weekend s Gekishin fair in Japan. Shielded
by plexiglass, probably to protect it from over excited
players, it looked liked a finished version. Tokyo Marui
reps did confirm that it will be released this summer, but
they would not go into details about what will be the
pricing and whether or not it will come in three versions
(Olive Drab, Black and Wood stock). This unveiling was a
subdued one compared to the other releases and normally this
kind of event would not be the place to display their major
release. Did G&G M14 release have a effect? That is unknown
because it still haven't been sighted here besides few
individual auctions. Going to the important part what the
photos of Marui M14 can t show is the actual finish of the
gun and this was something of small surprise.

Having played with Marui and other electric guns for so many
years almost to the point of exhaustion one tends to quickly
notice the model specific features, specific patterns of
each series has and any new/old materials. The photos that
will soon spread around the Internet show the general look,
but close examination live does in fact reveal the M14's
overall plastic look. This is the typical downside for
serious players, but actually only few parts of the rifle
are plastic (stock and upper front assembly, everything else
is metal). What is a major reason for the plastic look is
the wood stock that is typical Marui wood replica as seen
in AK series and Thompson M1A1. The M14 wood stock appears
to be of good quality with sharp finish, but easily
recognizable as plastic and not so believable as in AK and
Thompson series perhaps because the M14 stock is that much
larger. The plastic build will not be such a downside in a
black and OD versions, but it was obvious in this woo
d stock version. The plastic stock makes it look obviously
like a toy gun, which it is of course. This should not be
taken purely as negative observation BECAUSE real wood stock
would jack the price of the gun at least twice higher since
they are that expensive to make. The use of plastic allows
Marui to make an affordable base gun. If I would be a
betting man I would put wager for a real wood stock to
appear around release time as a aftermarket part for those
players who demand more real gun feel with wallets to match.

M14 is a rifle of old era and thus quite long. The weight
balance will most likely be even as possible because so many
of the expected users are young and might not be able to
carry heavy and unbalanced rifle (this is fairly common
issue with makers considering the majority of typical
airsoft users!). The butt plate, trigger assembly, magazine
and receiver are metal, but since the stock is plastic the
overall weight should probably stay significantly lower than
the real rifle.

Overall the first impression, gazing from behind that
protective glass, was of plastic appearance and more so than
expected or guessed. There might be some changes between now
to the release date, but all points to Marui M14 being a
platform gun for custom work when it comes to serious
players and MilSimmers. What new features the mechanism
contains, how solid the build is and what will be the
selling price will all be critical information when the gun
will be finally available.

Рассылка с Renegade Recon. Переводите сами, мне вло-ом... 😊