Максимальное количество патронов (Ружьё, Стандарт)


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22 Apr 2005, 11:54 pm Post #1


Alexander Jessat
From: Germany

Если я использую патрон максимальной длиной 57mm, мой магазин вмещает 57mm x 8,9999 патронов - это не превышает максимально разрешенной вместимости магазина.

Если же я использую патрон максимальной длиной 57mm+2mm (т.е. с максимально разрешенным допуском), т.е. тестовый холостой патрон имеет длину 59mm, и мой магазин вмещает те же 59mm x 8,9999 патронов, я так же не превышаю максимально разрешенную вместимость магазина, но нарушу её на данном ружье, если будет использован холостой тестовый патрон длиной ровно 57mm.

57mm x 8.99999= 513 mm
59mm x 8.99999= 531 mm
531mm / 57mm (мин. длина)= 9.31 патронов плюс один в патроннике, итого 10,31 патронов. Т.е. я превышаю максимально разрешенную вместимость магазина (я могу зарядить 10 патронов).

Какое измерение я должен взять за основу?

Извиняется за свой английский!




23 Apr 2005, 02:44 am Post #2

Neil Beverley
Председатель Комитета по Правилам IPSC
From: United Kingdom


Спасибо за Ваш вопрос; у Вас нормальный английский.

Данное правило достаточно сложно, и становится ещё более сложным когда речь идёт о трех различных типах патронов (пуля, дробь, картечь). Я планирую поменять данное правило в 2006 году, чтобы сделать жизнь легче. Значительно легче!

Тем не менее, в настоящее время, мы должны разделить это Правило на две части:

1. В чём суть данного Правила (для стрелка)?

2. И как мы (организаторы матчей) сможем проверить, что стрелок соответствует данному Правилу?

To answer the first part - the rule, with the interpretation, is that the gun must not be capable of being loaded with 10 cartridges of 57mm in length. If you can find a cartridge that measures exactly 57mm the all is straightforward. 9 rounds loaded is OK but if 10 can be loaded you fail the test and you get moved out of Standard Division. There is no tolerance in what the requirement is for the competitor.

The second part of the rule tackles how to test compliance. It was thought unreasonable to ask for match organisers to find test cartridges that are exactly 57mm. In some Regions such a cartridge may not be available. However, research showed that a great many cartridges were available that had an overall length of 57-59mm. Therefore a +2mm / -0mm tolerance was given for the test cartridge. If the +2mm tolerance is taken up then this can only work in the competitors favour, because, as your figures clearly illustrate, it should never be possible to load these longer cartridges.

However, if a competitor tried to exploit this as an advantage then sooner or later they would attend a match where the test cartridge was exactly 57mm and they would therefore fail the test. Indeed I am aware of some match organisers who have had test dummy cartridges machined to the exact size.

The rule was well intentioned. The objective: to try the make this division as fair as possible for all competitors so we test the man and not the gun, or rather the gun magazine capacity.

I am prepared to be the first to admit that the rule is horrible to work and causes a match overhead to test every competitor. It is also difficult to truly police after initial competitor testing. We also see short cartridges that perform well. In the UK a great many competitors choose to use cartridges that are only 52-53mm long. In the USA there are shorter cartridges still.

I have already bounced a rule change proposal off some of my colleagues on the Rules Committee (at IWA) and met with a favourable response. I therefore intend to formally draw up a revised rule proposal. If the committee formally agree to the change then it will be submitted to the GA in August for ratification and will, if approved, then take effect in January 2006.

The change will be to radically simplify the division requirements. Basically the competitor will be allowed to load 9 rounds only prior to the start signal in the case of an Option 1 start (loaded chamber) or 8 rounds only in the case of an Option 2 start (empty chamber). The only other test being that the gun must fit inside the same box as is used to restrict gun length in Modified Division. This in reality is an easy requirement but by using the Modified Division box we simplify testing procedures at a match.

Competitors will therefore have a choice between a short, light and manouverable gun against a gun that is capable of holding extra rounds. Because all guns will only start with 9 the amount of reloading per stage will always be the same. There could be an occasional tactical advantage by being able to load say 11 or 12 into the gun after the start signal but this is at the expense of a longer and heavier gun. Competitor's choice.

It had been suggested to me that we state that a competitor should never be allowed to load more than 9 in the gun at any one time during a stage but I strongly believe that neither the competitor or the RO should be having to count rounds to this extent against the clock. The RO for one should be looking at more important issues. Besides, how would you prove any infringements after the stage has ended? It would be a nightmare.

I've got a couple of other pressing things to deal with first but then I'm going to work this through my mind a couple more times and if I'm still happy I will be drafting the change of rules.

Я надеюсь, что мой ответ поможет Вам, однако не стесняйтесь задавать уточняющие вопросы.



Как всЁ запущено..............

Я мало что понял но ЗАЧЕМ спорить поместится ли в оружин 10 патронов или 10 с половиной ?

Кто то собирается половину патрона заряжать ?

Или я не правильно что то понял ?


Дим, я переведу всё за завтра, всё будет понятно, мля буду! Извини, времени нет писать долго. А пока - англоязычные наши друзья посмотрят-разберутся.


Родион! Я понимаю - времени нет, забот куча, но зачем давать такие опрометчивые обещания? 😊

мля буду!