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Boker Damascus Lock Blade Hunter

Damascus steel, also called "Damast" in German, is the art of welding together two very different types of steel in such a way that the finished blade eventually shows a Damascus structure throughout. The renowned German Damascus forger, Manfred Sachse, has produced blades exclusively for BEKER for two decades. His unique knowledge shows in every blade which is hot-welded and hand-forged into 300 layer Damascus steel. No two blades are exactly alike - each one has its own unique character.

Blade length: 3 1/8"
Closed length: 4 1/8"
Steel: 300 Layer forged Damascus
Handle: African thuya

Состояние - полочное. Цена 8000р

Herbertz Keramik

Ceramic Blade (Japan, Kyocera) Lockback Style Knife.

Состояние - полочное. Цена 7000р


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